Science & Sustainability


Our Environmental Science program ensures that the students of PFCS have a sound foundation in science from Foundation to year 6.  Our teaching and learning program includes scientific experiments, directed learning and concept development. The environmental program integrates fieldwork and provides opportunities for students to explore our local ecosystems.  The students take part in scientific investigations of rock-pool reefs, wetland habitats, bushland ecosystems and grassland environments.  We integrate the principles of the e5 instructional model in each unit of work and use visible learning techniques to ensure that all students to work at their level and have success in each session.


Our Sustainable World program is a unique educational program which actively demonstrates the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the school. The science program highlights the use of renewable energy resources (wind and solar), sustainable gardens (organic kitchen garden and regional biodiversity), connection to the environment (Earth systems and ecosystem approaches) and waste reduction programs (zero waste and water replenishment). We are a 5 star sustainable school accredited by Resource Smart.

Our program seeks to connect students with their local and global environments encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world which surrounds and supports them.  The program identifies the main ecological issues that we face today as individuals and as a global community.

We progressively teach early, middle to upper primary students about the natural environment and show positive ways individuals and communities can protect and enhance our natural environment for future generations.